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Translation in audits

Sound communication is key during the extensive audit process of the CCC Certification and license for pressure vessel (China Manufacturer Licence). Benefit from our experts’ experience and enjoy smooth communication management between you and the Chinese authorities.

Certification of products in compliance with the guidelines for the CCC Certification and license for pressure vessel (China Manufacturer Licence) require extensive and comprehensive audits – with sound communication throughout the process being  most crucial to its success. Especially given the complex nature of the various products, our experts are versed in the technical jargon of the matter at hand and can ensure unambiguous information exchange between the auditors and the audited party. During these processes, our translators constantly accompany every step of your audit, ensuring seamless and continuous communication.

In addition – and more than that – sound communication management starts well before the auditors actually reach the production site. Our experts establish communications with the Chinese authorities as to coordinate schedules, organize appropriate accommodation and transportation (airport, hotel, production site, other) as well as planning additional leisure programme (restaurants, sightseeing). In this context, our experts act as guides, ensuring an enjoyable stay.



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