Summary of Amendments for Welding Machines

For more than one year, the Chinese certification authority CNCA has implemented many changes for the China Compulsory Certification (CCC-Certification) of welding machines and welding components. Among others, the CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China) is responsible for preparation and implementation of Implementation Rules and GB-Standards.

In August 2014, the new GB-Standard GB 15579.1-2013 (Arc welding equipment. Part 1: Welding power sources) came into effect. Since then, the CNCA announced amendments for CCC-Certification of welding machines and equipment on a regular basis. Please find below the major amendments for welding since the implementation of GB 15579.1-2013.

Product unit classification and number of samples

The unit classification for type testing (product testing) as well as number of product samples for type testing have been partially changed. For example, welding torches (guns) need to be classified according to the structure (cooling mode, assembly of main components, etc.). Other aspects for unit classification are functions and key components. For each welding torch unit two product samples must be tested.


Some details for the CCC-Audit (Factory Inspection) have been amended. Please find below an excerpt of certification requirements for CCC-Audit:

  • The manufacturer shall accept on-site inspections, sampling and on-site testing
  • All requirements for quality management must be fulfilled, e.g.:
    • Factory shall ensure adequate documents and valid version of documents
    • Factory should ensure clear recording of product conformity. Quality-related documents should meet legal and regulatory requirements, e.g. recorded product conformity of minimum the last 24 months
    • Factory should select the appropriate purchasing control approach to ensure compliance of key parts and final products regarding certification requirements
    • Factory shall conduct and document internal audits to ensure compliance of factory quality assurance, product conformity and compliance with the product standard. In case of any non-conformities, the factory should take appropriate corrective and preventive actions.
    • Usage of CCC-Mark should be consistent with “Compulsory Product Certification Regulations”, “Compulsory Certification Mark”, etc. For printed, molded, etc. CCC-Mark, factory should save records.

Welding machines and components that need CCC-Certificates

  1. Portable A.C. arc welding machines
  2. C. Arc welding machines
  3. C. Arc welding machines
  4. TIG welding machines
  5. MIG/MAG welding machines
  6. Submerged arc welding machines
  7. Plasma arc cutting machines
  8. Plasma arc welding machine
  9. Electric shock protective devices for arc welding transformer
  10. Coupling devices for welding cables
  11. Resistance welding machine
  12. Wire feeder for welders
  13. TIG welding blow lamp
  14. MIG/MAG welding torches
  15. Electrode holders

Latest GB-Standards for welding

GB 15578-2008 Safety requirements for resistance welding machine
GB 15579.1-2013 Arc welding equipment. Part 1: Welding power sources
GB 15579.2-2014Not yet implemented Arc Welding Equipment. Part 2: Liquid cooling system
GB 15579.3-2014 Arc welding equipment. Part 3: Arc striking and stabilizing devices
GB 15579.4-2014Not yet implemented Arc Welding Equipment. Part 4: Periodic inspection and testing
GB 15579.5-2013 Arc welding equipment. Part 5: Wire feeders
GB 15579.6-2008 Arc welding equipment. Part 6: Limited duty manual metal arc welding power sources
GB 15579.7-2013 Arc welding equipment. Part 7: Torches
GB 15579.8-2014 Arc welding equipment. Part 8: Gas consoles for welding and plasma cutting system
GB 15579.10-2008 Arc welding equipment-Part 10: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements
GB 15579.11-2012 Arc welding equipment – Part 11: Electrode holders
GB 15579.12-2012 Arc welding equipment – Part 12: Coupling devices for welding cables


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on CNCA announcements regarding regulatory amendments or if you have questions on the exact certification changes for your welding machine or component. More information about all GB-Standards and Implementation Rules might be found in our download “CCC Certification Standards for Non-Automotive” or in our News.


Summary of amendments of the certification authority CNCA for the CCC-Certification of welding machines and welding components.

Summary of amendments of the certification authority CNCA for the CCC-Certification of welding machines and welding components.