News for Complete Vehicles at CCAP

The CCAP has published new detailed Implementation Rules for CCC-Certification (China Compulsory Certification) of complete vehicles. The new version CCAP-C11-01: 2014/A1 Detailed Implementation Rules for China Compulsory Certification – Motor Vehicles and Trailers is now valid for applications through the CCAP.

While the Implementation Rules issued by the CNCA have universal validity, all certification organisations publish their own detailed implementation rules. Those detailed implementation rules apply to all CCC-Applications made through their organisation and contain additional instructions and more detailed explanations of already existing instructions.

The changes concern the valid GB-Standards. Some new standards were added and old ones were replaced by new ones. In detail, the changes are as follows:

Newly added standards:

  • GB 19755-2016 Technical requirements and measurement methods for emissions from light-duty hybrid electric vehicles (only applies to electric vehicles)
  • GB 27887-2011 Restraining devices for child occupants of power-driven vehicles (though there are the separate implementation rules CNCA-C22-03: 2014 Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification – Restraining devices for child occupants, no separate certification is necessary for built-in systems, the standard only has to be met)
  • GB 19151-2003 Warning triangles for motor vehicle
  • GB 19239-2013 Mounting requirements of special equipment for gas vehicle
  • GB 32087-2015 Towing devices for light-duty vehicle
  • GB 32086-2015 Requirement of vertical flammability characteristic and test method for certain category automobile interior material
  • GB 30678-2014 Safety signs and information symbols for passenger cars

Changed standards:

  • GB 18352.6-2016 Limits and measurement methods for emissions form light-duty vehicles (CHINA 6) (replaces GB 18352.5-2013)
  • GB 11562-2014 Motor vehicles forward visibility for drivers. Requirements and measurement methods (replaces GB 11562-1994)
  • GB 1589-2016 Limits of dimensions, axle load and masses for motor vehicles, trailers and combination vehicles (replaces GB 1589-2004)
  • GB 9743-2015 Passenger car tyres (replaces GB 9743-2007)
  • GB 9744-2015 Truck tyres (replaces GB 9744-2007)
  • GB 18408-2015 Photometric characteristics of devices for the illumination of rear registration plates of motor vehicles and their trailers (replaces GB 18408-2001)
  • GB 27999-2014 Fuel consumption evaluation methods and targets for passenger cars (replaces GB 27999-2011)
  • GB 4094-2016 Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales of motor vehicles (replaces GB 4094-1999)
  • GB 4660-2016 Photometric characteristics of power-driven vehicle front fog lamps (replaces GB 4660-2007)

New applications are already handled according to the new detailed Implementation Rules, for already issued certificates, a transition period of 12 months applies (roughly May 2018). If none of the new standards apply to the product, the certificate can be renewed without new tests.

In case there are new standards, the renewal can only take place after passing the tests. For products already on the market and where production already stopped, no renewal is necessary. If the renewal is not finished within the transition period, the certificate temporarily loses its validity. If it is still not renewed three months later, it is permanently cancelled.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for updating your CCC Certificates or providing you further information on the new standards.


News for CCC Certification of Complete Vehicles at CCAP

News for Complete Vehicles at CCAP