New GB-Standard for Fire Engine Products

New Implementation Rule for CCCF-Certification for fire engine products and requirements of the certificate update from CNCA Announcement No.22 are specified as follows:

New GB-Standard

In Accordance with the Implementation Rule CNCA-02C-023:2002/A1 and CNCA Announcement No.45, the certification standard of fire engine products will be changed from GB 7956 (Fire performance requirements and test methods for vehicle) to:

  • GB7956.1 (Fire fighting vehicles. Part 1: General technical specifications)
  • GB7956.2 (Fire fighting vehicles. Part 2: Water tank fire fighting vehicle)
  • GB7956.3 (Fire fighting vehicles. Part 3: Foam fire fighting vehicle)
  • GB7956.6 (Fire fighting vehicles. Part 6: Compressed air foam system fire fighting vehicle))
  • GB7956.12 (Fire fighting vehicles. Part 12: Aerial fire fighting vehicle)
  • GB7956.14 (Fire fighting vehicles. Part 14: Rescue fire fighting vehicle)
  • GA39 (Fire fighting vehicles—Performance requirements and test methods)

Update of CCCF-Certificates

CCCF-Certificates for fire engine products that are already issued are still valid. Individual companies can start updating the certification based on its own preference. The update of the certification should be carried out in accordance with the CNCA Announcement No.4.

Simplified Unit Division

To further take the load off companies, the unit division of the certification will be simplified. CNCA-02C-023: 2002/A1 has been already modified accordingly.

New Implementation Standard of CCC-Certification for fire engine products