New GB Standard for interior materials

The GB-Standard GB 32086-2015 for vehicles of category M3, which regulates the technical requirements and test methods for interior materials, was announced in terms of combustion characteristics of interior materials for the first time by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and other responsible authorities. From July 1st 2016 the norm is officially implemented.

The standard applies to vehicles of category M3 carrying more than 22 passengers and its:

  • vertical combustion characteristics of the curtains
  • sunshades
  • other interior materials

The standard GB 32086-2015 does not apply to city buses with standing passengers.

Specific implementation conditions and technical requirements are the following:

  • The standard applies to vehicles in production in 2 years;
  • Matches of materials, structures, technologies and thicknesses are required for manufacturers of curtains and other interior materials of suspension in vehicles.

This GB Standard is based on the EU Directive 95/28/EC Annex IV and differs from Annex VI in the following four points:

  • Plates are used, so that the samples are tested vertically and flat;
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG);
  • Method of sampling;
  • Presentation of the results.

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New GB Standard for interior materials

New GB Standard for interior materials