List of current Implementation Rules for Non-Automotive

The Implementation Rules, specify the scope and framework of the China Compulsory Certification (CCC Certification). In addition to the GB Standards, which describe the necessary product tests, the Implementation Rules are part of the CCC Regulations.

The CCC Regulations are updated at an irregular basis by the Chinese authority CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China). It is important for new applications for the CCC Certification as well as for existing CCC Certificates that these regulations are always based on the current Implementation Rules and GB Standards. Below you find a list of the current Implementation Rules for Non-Automotive Products.

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Product Category

Implementation Rules

A.C. supplied electronic ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps CNCA-C10-01:2014
Active infrared intrusion detectors CNCA-C19-01:2014
Agricultural products CNCA-C14-01:2014
Air-conditioners CNCA-C07-01:2014
Antenna amplifiers CNCA-C08-01:2014
Appliances couples for household and similar general purposes CNCA-C02-01:2014
Appliances for heating liquids CNCA-C07-01:2014
Appliances for skin and hair care CNCA-C07-01:2014
Arc welding machines CNCA-C06-01:2014
Auarium luminaries CNCA-C10-01:2014
Audio power amplifier CNCA-C08-01:2014
Baby walking frames CNCA-C22-01:2014
Ballasts for discharge lamp CNCA-C10-01:2014
Ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps CNCA-C10-01:2014
Bicycles for young children CNCA-C22-01:2014
Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installation CNCA-C02-01:2014
Cartridge fuse-links of miniature fuses CNCA-C02-01:2014
Casher CNCA-C09-01:2014
Ceramic tiles CNCA-C21-01:2014
Child restraint seats CNCA-C22-03:2014
Circuit-breaker for equipment CNCA-C03-02:2014
Circuit-breakers for over current protection for household and similarinstallation MCB CNCA-C03-02:2014
Circular saws CNCA-C05-01:2014
Color television receivers with kinds of display types CNCA-C08-01:2014
Combination microwave and passive infrared intrusion detector CNCA-C19-01:2014
Computers CNCA-C09-01:2014
Concrete antifreeze CNCA-C21-01:2014
Cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and similar appliances CNCA-C07-01:2014
Cord sets CNCA-C02-01:2014
Cordless telephone terminal CNCA-C16-01:2014
Coupling devices for welding cables CNCA-C06-01:2014
Data terminal CNCA-C16-01:2014
Display device connected with computer; projector CNCA-C09-01:2014
Dolls CNCA-C22-02:2014
Drills CNCA-C05-01:2014
Duplicators CNCA-C09-01:2014
Electric bicycle CNCA-C22-01:2014
Electric chain saws CNCA-C05-01:2014
Electric fans CNCA-C07-01:2014
Electric grinders CNCA-C05-01:2014
Electric hammers CNCA-C05-01:2014
Electric hedge trimmers and electric grass shears CNCA-C05-01:2014
Electric irons CNCA-C07-01:2014
Electric marble cutters CNCA-C05-01:2014
Electric rice cookers CNCA-C07-01:2014
Electric routers and Edge trimmers CNCA-C05-01:2014
Electric shock protective devices for arc welding transformer CNCA-C06-01:2014
Electric toys CNCA-C22-02:2014
Electrode holders CNCA-C06-01:2014
Electromagnetic cookers CNCA-C07-01:2014
Electronic organs CNCA-C08-01:2014
Facsimile machines CNCA-C16-01:2014
Fixed luminaries CNCA-C10-01:2014
Fixed telephone terminals CNCA-C16-01:2014
Fractional and middlehorse-power motors CNCA-C04-01:2014
Fuses CNCA-C03-02:2014
Ground recessed luminaries CNCA-C10-01:2014
Household electric washing machines CNCA-C07-01:2014
Household refrigerators,food freezers CNCA-C07-01:2014
Instantaneous water heaters CNCA-C07-01:2014
Internal concrete vibrators CNCA-C05-01:2014
ISDN terminals CNCA-C16-01:2014
Joint polyolefin insulated cables for rail vehicles CNCA-C01-01:2014
Key-Phonesystem CNCA-C16-01:2014
Kitchen machines CNCA-C07-01:2014
Laptops CNCA-C09-01:2014
Learning machine CNCA-C09-01:2014
Low-voltage circuit breakers CNCA-C03-02:2014
Low-voltage switchgear (disconnections,switch-disconnections,fuse-combination units) CNCA-C03-02:2014
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies CNCA-C03-01:2014
Mains socket-outlet mounted nightlights CNCA-C10-01:2014
Metal toys CNCA-C22-02:2014
Microwave Doppler detector for use in buildings CNCA-C19-01:2014
Microwave ovens CNCA-C07-01:2014
MIG/MAG welding machines CNCA-C06-01:2014
MIG/MAG welding torches CNCA-C06-01:2014
Mobileterminal CNCA-C16-01:2014
Modems CNCA-C16-01:2014
Monitors CNCA-C08-01:2014
Motor-compressors CNCA-C07-01:2014
Multimedia terminals CNCA-C16-01:2014
Multiplying printer &coping machines CNCA-C09-01:2014
Other devices and switches CNCA-C03-02:2014
Other protective devices for circuits CNCA-C03-02:2014
Other toy bicycles CNCA-C22-01:2014
Passive infrared detectors for use in buildings CNCA-C19-01:2014
Perambulators for children CNCA-C22-01:2014
Physical security protection products CNCA-C19-02:2014
Picture/display tubes CNCA-C08-01:2014
Planers CNCA-C05-01:2014
Plasma arc cutting machines CNCA-C06-01:2014
Plasma arc welding machine CNCA-C06-01:2014
Plastic toy CNCA-C22-02:2014
Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purpose CNCA-C02-01:2014
Plugs, socket-outlets and couples for industrial purposes CNCA-C02-01:2014
Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables and wires and cords of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V CNCA-C01-01:2014
Portable luminaries CNCA-C10-01:2014
Power adapters for audio/video products CNCA-C08-01:2014
Power adapters for audio/video products CNCA-C08-01:2014
Powered sound boxes having single /multiple speakers with the max output sound power under 500W (R.M.S) CNCA-C08-01:2014
Printers connected with computers, plotters CNCA-C09-01:2014
Projectile toys CNCA-C22-02:2014
Radio receivers CNCA-C08-01:2014
Rail vehicle cables with rated voltages up to and including 3 kV CNCA-C01-01:2014
Range hoods CNCA-C07-01:2014
Recessed luminaries CNCA-C10-01:2014
Reciprocating saws CNCA-C05-01:2014
Recorders, players,dealers for audio and video with kinds of carrier media CNCA-C08-01:2014
Residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral over currentprotection RCBO CNCA-C03-02:2014
Residual current operated circuit-breakers without integral over currentprotection RCCB CNCA-C03-02:2014
Residual current protective devices CNCA-C03-02:2014
Resistance welding machine CNCA-C06-01:2014
Roasters CNCA-C07-01:2014
Room heaters CNCA-C07-01:2014
Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V CNCA-C01-01:2014
Rubber insulated cords and flexible cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V CNCA-C01-01:2014
Safety glass products used in buildings CNCA-C13-01:2014
Safety glass products used in railway rolling stock CNCA-C13-01:2014
Sanders CNCA-C05-01:2014
Scanners CNCA-C09-01:2014
Screwdrivers and impact wrenches CNCA-C05-01:2014
Servers CNCA-C09-01:2014
Sheet metal shears CNCA-C05-01:2014
Small power motors CNCA-C04-01:2014
Solvent coatings for woodenware CNCA-C21-01:2014
Spray guns for non-flammable liquids CNCA-C05-01:2014
Storage water heaters CNCA-C07-01:2014
Submerged arc welding machines CNCA-C06-01:2014
Switches for household and similar fixed-electrical installations CNCA-C02-01:2014
Switching power supply units for computer, adapters and chargers CNCA-C09-01:2014
Tappers CNCA-C05-01:2014
Thermal-links CNCA-C02-01:2014
TIG welding blowlamp CNCA-C06-01:2014
TIG welding machines CNCA-C06-01:2014
Toys CNCA-C22-01:2014
Vacuum cleaners CNCA-C07-01:2014
Video game console CNCA-C09-01:2014
Video recorders CNCA-C08-01:2014
Water dispensers CNCA-C07-01:2014
Wheeled child conveyances CNCA-C22-01:2014
Wire feeder for welders CNCA-C06-01:2014


Here you find a list with with Implementation Rules for Non-Automotive for the CCC-Certification (China Compulsory Certification).

Here you find a list with with Implementation Rules for Non-Automotive for the CCC-Certification (China Compulsory Certification).