List of current GB-Standards for Motorcycles

The GB Standards define the product tests required for the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) certification. Product tests include, for example, corrosion tests, average fuel consumption tests and Minimum required strength. There is a respective GB Standard for each CCC-mandatory component group.

The Chinese authority CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China) updates these GB Standards at irregular intervals. It is important that the product tests are carried out according to current GB Standards and the current GB standard is shown on the respective CCC-Certificate.

Below you will find the GB standards for components for motorcycles and mopeds:

Category GB-Standards
Brake hose GB 16897-2010

GB 20073-2006

Emission GB 19758-2005
Emitted noise GB 4569-2005
Engines of motor cycles GB 7258-2012

GB/T 5363-2008



GB/T 20076-2006

External projections from motorcycles and mopeds GB 20074-2006
Fuel and fuel tanks GB 15744-2008

GB 19482-2004

Hand-holds GB 20075-2006
Horn GB 15742-2006
Lights and direction indicators GB 18100.1-2010

GB 18099-2013

GB 18408-2015

GB 18100.3-2010

GB 18100.2-2010

GB 15365-2008

GB 11554-2008

GB 17510-2008

Motorcycle helmet GB 811-1998
Rear views mirrors GB 17352-2010
Tyres GB/T 15028.2-1994

GB 9743-2015



List of current GB-Standards for Motorcycles

List of current GB-Standards for Motorcycles