Protection in CCC-Certification

Protect your products in the CCC-Certification. Get information about risks and opportunities for action.

The CCC-Certification (China Compulsory Certification) is needed for ensuring compliance with the Chinese CCC-Standards of your products. Compliance and protection of corporate interests is a crucial issue for the certification authorities in order to promote the CCC-Certification.

This also applies to the protection of intellectual property. Nevertheless, many companies are still worried, because of the many violations of intellectual property (IP) rights in China. This is especially due in the following certification steps:

  1. Product information in the application process
  2. Type tests in China
  3. Audit by Chinese inspectors

We offer you comprehensive consulting regarding potential risks before starting the CCC-Certification process. Additionally, we inform you about your rights and legal possibilities in case of an IP violation. Thereby, you are able to protect your products better and, if necessary, take precautionary measures. We support you with:

  • Consulting on reducing risks and on legal rights in the CCC-Certification process
  • Short and medium-term protection’s means of your products on the Chinese market

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