Intellectual Property China

Sell your products successfully in China and protect your intellectual property.

Since China has become a WTO member in 2001, the conditions for protecting intellectual property (IP) has improved continuously. However, implementation of IP rights still remain difficult. Additionally, many European companies are missing transparency of their rights and legal possibilities. As a result, unnecessary costs-intensive problems occur for these companies.

We inform you in advance regarding risks and options for legal actions:

  1. We show you which solution is best for your company
  2. You receive a complete cost overview
  3. After receiving a purchasing order, we discuss with you the further process in detail
  4. Your are accompanied by a lawyer or patent agent during the complete process
  5. We will keep you updated regarding project steps during the entire procedure

No matter if you need preventive information about trademark rights in China, or would like to solve an existing trademark problem, or want to protect your product in the CCC-Certification process – in cooperation with our partners we offer a tailor-made solution for your company:

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