Utility Vehicles

Producers of utility vehicles have different options when exporting their vehicle products to China. Besides the regular CCC-Certification, a smaller CCC-Certification is also possible, by which some of the tests can be omitted. This kind of certification reduces costs, but is only possible for a limited quantity of exports per annum. This certification is also applicable for modified vehicles.

There is also the possibility to apply for a low volume exemption when it comes to non-mass-production. However it should be noticed that the necessary tests for every single vehicle must be conducted.

The following utility vehicle types can obtain a CCC-Certification:

  • Construction vehicles
  • Agricultural machine (Tractors)
  • Fire engine vehicles
  • Trucks for woodworking
  • Trucks for oil and gas
  • Trucks for distribution service

We support you with the following services:

  • Check for the CCC-Obligation
  • Individual consulting meetings for certification
  • Implementation of the complete CCC-Certification
  • Translation during the CCC-Audit
  • Translation of CCC-Standards from Chinese into German, English and French

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