The new Implementation Rule for the CCC-Certification of Interior-Parts made it difficult for the vehicle producers and automobile suppliers to define whether a component is obligatory for a CCC-Certification. One important indicator for the CCC compulsory is the component’s measurement of 356x100mm.
But even the CCC-Certification process has to overcome certain obstacles. Products with a defective certification can be held by Chinese customs despite a CCC-Certificate.
With certification expertise and industry knowledge, ECCS provides consulting for the CCC-Certification – from application process, over the flammability test and factory audit to the certificate issuance and the Permission of Printing (PoP). We also support the suppliers with the application and issuance of rejection letters by Chinese certification authorities.

Overview of the Interior-Components:

  • Back wall covering
  • Cable channel
  • Centre console
  • Column covering
  • Dashboard
  • Display
  • Door covering
  • Door lock and door suspension
  • Doormat
  • Flooring
  • Heat and sound isolation of engine
  • Interior materials
  • Luggage covering
  • Main control panel
  • Protection of the surface
  • Radio covering
  • Removable car top
  • Roof
  • Seat- and headrest
  • Seat surface protection
  • Side covering
  • Sunroof
  • Vent
  • Vertical burning characteristics of the curtain

You can find more information about the CCC-Certification of Interior-Components in our publication Interior-Automotive Products.

We support you in the implementation of CCC-Certification with:

  • Check of CCC-Obligation
  • Workshops for CCC-Certification
  • Complete implementation of CCC-Certification
  • Translation of CCC-Standards from Chinese into German, English and French
  • Elaborate preparation of CCC-Audit
  • Translation in CCC-Audit

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