Electric Vehicles

China is becoming the biggest Sales Market of electric vehicles. The demand is – among other things – stimulated by the Chinese government who promotes the sales of electric cars. Just like the growth of the sales, more components of the electric vehicles will be exported to China. Suppliers and vehicle producers can apply for a CCC-Certificate or a CQC-Certificate for both complete vehicles and individual components.

The criteria for determining which parts of an electric vehicle need a CCC-Certification is the same as that of diesel vehicles and gasoline-powered vehicles. Once a component is listed in the CCC-Catalogue, it must be certified.

In contrast, the certification range of electric vehicle components for the CQC-Certification is significantly smaller. Among others, the following components can obtain a voluntary CQC-Certificate:

  • Charging station
  • Charging cable
  • Charging extensor
  • Charging devices (On-Board Charger and Off-Board Charger)
  • IC-CPD


We offer consulting for the CQC-Certification and CCC-Certification with the following services:

  • Workshops for certification
  • Complete implementation of certification
  • Translation of Chinese standards into German, English and French
  • Elaborate preparation for the CCC-Audit
  • Translation during the audit
  • Calculation of the certification cost

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