Complete Vehicles

In supplier management, automobile producers are obligated to ensure that all parts of the products are certificated in time. Because of the new Implementation Rules there are often confusions about which vehicle components require CCC-Certification. It is recommended to proof in the first place exactly which suppliers are compulsory for CCC-Certificates.

When checking the suppliers and every component of a product, the product data sheet should be matched strictly to the current Chinese regulations. Should there be any questions or doubts concerning the certification compulsory, it is important to consult either the China Certification Centre for Automotive Products (CCAP) or the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC).

If there is no obligation for a CCC-Certification, a rejection letter can be applied by the respective authority which declares that the component part from the supplier is not included in the CCC-Catalogue and thus does not require CCC-Certification.

We offer the consulting for the following topics:

  • Check for the CCC-Obligation
  • CCC-Certification for the suppliers
  • Consulting for Certification
  • Translation of CCC-Standards from Chinese into German, English and French
  • Application for official rejection letters
  • Information service for certification regulations

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