Environmental Labeling Products – Air Cleaner

The Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China issued HJ 2544-2016 Technical requirement for environmental labeling products – Air cleaner on 14.11.2016 for the very first time. The standard is to be implemented as of 1.Januanry 2017. This newly issued requirement was based on the latest GB-Standard for air cleaner (GB/T 18801-2015) for the CCC-Certification, which was implemented in March, 2016. The new requirement has references of clauses and articles from the following GB-standards:

  • GB 3095-2012 Ambient Air Quality Standard
  • GB/T 16288 Marking of Plastics Products
  • GB/T 18455 Package recycling marking
  • GB/T 18801-2015 Air cleaner
  • GB/T 20861-2007 Terminology of waste product recovery
  • GB/T 26572 Requirements on concentration limits for certain restricted substances in electrical and electronic products

HJ 2544-2016 has made specific requirements about production process, product performance, package and product description of air cleaners. For instance, the cleaning energy efficiency for removing PM 2.5 can not be less than 5 m3/W·h and formaldehyde or Toluene no less than 1 m3/W·h.

In comparison to many other developed countries, the Chinese market of air cleaner is still at a very early stage of development. But with the growing concern of the air quality in China in the recent years, the growth of air cleaner producers and brands has also been rapid, and especially imported air cleaner products. The situation of smog in China is worsening and the Chinese people are becoming more and more aware of the necessity of air cleaner products.

With the issuance of HJ 2544-2016 Technical requirement for environmental labeling products – Air cleaner the Chinese market for air cleaner will be standardized and consumers can and will refer to the china environmental labelling of air cleaner products when making decision by purchasing.

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