Differences in CCC Implementation Rules

Apart from the GB-Standards (from Guobiao – National Standard), the Implementation Rules are the most important official documents in connection with the CCC-Certification. There is one of these documents for every product group that requires certification. The Implementation Rules are issued by the Chinese accreditation authority CNCA. But besides the basics of CCC-Certification, something else is specified in these documents: the task of the subordinate certification authorities to publish their own Detailed Implementation Rules.

So whoever wants to his product to get certified should not stop at considering the CNCA’s Implementation Rules. Because there might be some differences in details of the certification process between the various certification authorities.

Classification of companies according to Implementation Rules

One thing the Implementation Rules of the different authorities have in common is the classification of companies into different groups (A, B, C and D). Factory audits are conducted in the frequency stated for the respective group. But application documents can vary between authorities, as well as the general implementation of the application process. The CQC for example offers an online application process through a system on their website, while other authorities require applicants to send the completed application documents to the responsible engineer.

CNCA Implementation Rules as basis

The Detailed Implementation Rules are all based on the Implementation Rules issued by the CNCA. The name of the documents also only differs in the abbreviation of the publishing authority contained in it. A direct comparison shows that most of the text is exactly the same as the original. But there are additions to the parts concerning terminology and the implementation depending on the group of the company.

So before applying for a new certification or for changing an existing certificate it makes sense to have a look at the Detailed Implementation Rules of the responsible authority again.


Differences in CCC Implementation Rules

Differences in CCC Implementation Rules