Customs Clearance

Avoid unnecessary, repeating customs issues. Contact our experts and get direct customs clearance support.
Problems at Chinese customs often result from, at times, wrongfully demanded CCC-Certificates (China Compulsory Certificate) – or a confusion due to a changed HS-Code. In case that customs ask for a CCC-Certificate, it is essential to examine if the certificate is eventually demanded on correct grounds. It might be a mistaken product identification if the exporting product shows similarities with a product that requires a certificate. This also applies to spare parts.

>For a wrongfully demanded CCC-Certificate, our customs agents are able to discuss the issue with Chinese customs in order to achieve a solution, and enable the continuation of the delivery process. For future deliveries, a negative certificate or an official rejection letter might be helpful. In case of a rightfully demanded CCC-Certificate, we gladly consult you in regards to your options, including full transparency of associated costs.

>In addition, customs issues often result from changed HS-Codes. Firstly, it is possible that the HS-Code is not exactly suitable for the product. Secondly, the used HS-Code might also mistakenly indicate an obligation for a CCC-Certificate. Contact us for a direct solution.

>Further challenges for exporting products to China – especially for medium-sized companies – may arise. Discussions with customs agents or partner offices regarding customs clearance and usage of HS-Codes are often time-intensive challenges. We take care of this, and, by our experience, simplify the export process for you.

In order to provide you the fastest possible assistance, we discuss with you directly which option fits best to your needs. Subsequently, we send you a quote with your preferred option. After receiving the purchase order, our customs agents engage with customs, aiming at receiving clearance to enable sound delivery to your clients.

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