CQC Certification for E-Mobility

The voluntary CQC Certification for China is particularly suitable in the area of ​​E-Mobility, as many OEMs demand this certification and this considerably simplifies customs clearance. Since vehicle components are often held by Chinese customs with the demand for a CCC Certificate, a CQC Certification can significantly reduce this risk. In addition, the CQC Certificate is a quality seal for Chinese customers and can thus increase sales in China.

Products that can get a CQC Certificate in the E-Mobility area include:

  • charging cable
  • charging plug
  • charging station
  • charging systems

An important point here is that the CQC Certification is carried out according to the respective Implementation Rule and the GB/T Standard. The following standards apply to the relevant Implementation Rule and the GB/T Standards in the area of ​​E-Mobility:

  • CQC11-463426-2017 Safety Certification Rules for Cables of Electric Vehicles Conductive Charging Systems
  • GB/T 33594-2017 Charging cables for electric vehicles
  • CQC11-462196-2016 Safety certification rules for Connection set of conductive charging for electric vehicles (Charging coupler)
  • GB/T20234.1-2015 Connection set for conductive charging of electric vehicles – Part 1: General requirements
  • GB/T20234.2-2015 Connection set for conductive charging of electric vehicles – Part 2: AC Charging Coupler
  • GB/T20234.3-2015 Connection set for conductive charging of electric vehicles – Part 3: DC Charging Coupler

Process of the CQC Certification for E-Mobility

Similar to CCC Certification, 7 steps are required for CQC Certification. In the first step, you would determine the number of product units. Subsequently, all application documents will be completed and submitted to the China Quality Certification Center (CQC). It is important that all information on the application documents is 100% identical to the product, production and factory data.
In the next step, the product tests are carried out according to the respective GB/T Standard. These are carried out during the initial certification in a Chinese, accredited test laboratory.
After the tests have been passed and you have received the test report for the product tests, you can register for the CQC Audit. In the initial certification, the factory audit is always carried out with Chinese auditors. German auditors may also be employed in the annual follow-up certifications.
Following the two-day CQC Audit, the audit report and the CQC Certificate will be issued. It is important that you then apply for the Permission of Printing (PoP).
After obtaining the correct mark approval, you can mark your products with the CQC logo and send them to China.
Just as with CCC Certification, an annual follow-up certification is necessary. This includes a one day factory inspections.

We gladly support you with the complete CQC Certification or with individual certification steps (e.g. pre-audit). For this purpose, we will provide you with a quote at any time.
Please also do not hesitate to contact us if you need a translation of a CQC Standard. With us you only receive translations by experienced native speakers.

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CQC Certification for E-Mobility

CQC Certification for E-Mobility