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Collaborative CCC-Certification

Learn to certify your products independently. Get the necessary knowledge in your company and reduce costs.
In the process of a self-done China Compulsory Certification (CCC-Certification) many barriers may occur for a company. Which certification authority is best for your products? Which products might be certified together? Which core components have to be provided for the application documents? Which problems might occur during the CCC-Audit?

Toovercome these obstaclesandto clarifyquestions about thecertification, we offer our Collaborative CCC Certification Service – jointly performing the CCC-Certification with your company.

By conducting a comprehensive workshop at your Company, you will get all the detailed information about the CCC-Certification. During this training, all involved employees might participate. In order to get well-structured expertise, we discuss the complete certification process:

  1. Assessment of CCC-Obligation
  2. Number of needed CCC-Certificates for different products
  3. Application at the Chinese CCC Certification Authority
  4. Type tests with test reports in Chinese
  5. CCC-Audit with Chinese inspectors
  6. Correct issuance of CCC-Certificate
  7. Application of printing permission or CCC-Logo (certification mark)
  8. Application and conduct of CCC Follow-Up Certification

After the workshop, we jointly carry out the CCC-Certification: we will explain the next steps, remind you of deadlines, prepare you for the CCC-Audit and check your certificates together with you.

These steps are important for not risking detained products in customs despite of a CCC-Certificate due to an incorrect certification.

We support and accompany you in your CCC-Certification process while ensuring that the knowledge will remain within you company, by:

  • Workshops for CCC-Certification
  • Support with the certification process
  • Translation of Chinese CCC-Standards and test reports
  • Comprehensive preparation for CCC-Audit
  • Translation during CCC-Audit
  • Consulting on protecting IP during CCC-Certification process

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