Chinese Standards for E-Mobility Chargers – Charging Devices

With the growing global market, manufacturers of e-mobility chargers are increasingly exporting to China. However, there are regulations in China of these charging devices that must be known before exporting.

In China, there are currently two common forms of charging devices: the wallbox and the charging station. Wallboxes are a device, which is attached directly to a wall and thus is relatively small. A charging station is a free-standing device that is anchored in the ground and, due to its shape, enables a flexible structure. A charging station therefore does not require a wall or the like, but takes up more space than a wallbox.

Guidelines and standards

The guidelines for e-mobility charging devices are issued by the South China energy supplier China Southern Power Grid and are marked with “Q / CSG”. These guidelines also list the relevant national standards. There are the mandatory GB standards issued by the CNCA and SAC and other standards that have been previously voluntary. Feel free to contact us for more information about the standards.

Requirements for the device

Also to the loader as such some requirements exists. Certain systems must comply with IP54. The first digit of the International Protection Marking indicates protection against particles and dust on a scale of 0 to 6, with 6 representing maximum protection. The second digit stands for protection against water, which can be specified with a maximum of 9.

Voluntary CQC certification for charging devices

For voluntary CQC certification of chargers such as wall boxes and charging stations, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Determine number of needed CQC-Certificates
  2. Application at the Chinese Authority CQC (China Quality Certification Centre)
  3. Type tests with test reports in Chinese
  4. CQC-Audit with Chinese inspectors
  5. Correct issuance of CQC-Certificate
  6. Application of printing permission
  7. Application and conduct of CQC Follow-Up Certification

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Chinese Standards for E-Mobility Chargers: wallbox and charging station

Chinese Standards for E-Mobility Chargers