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SELO-Obligatory Products

Before applying for a SELO-Certification (also known as China Manufacturer License), it is important to understand for which products certification is compulsory. Should such a product arrive in China without certification, it cannot make it through customs and will result in a high amount of extra costs for the manufacturer. The importing of uncertified products for which certification is mandatory is illegal and is punished with high penalties.

In general SELO-Obligatory products fall in three categories:

  1. Boilers
  2. Pressure Vessels
  3. Safety Appurtenances and Instruments

For boilers with a volume of at least 30L and a rated pressure of 0.1MPa, SELO certification is mandatory.

For pressure vessels, a distinction is made between stationary pressure vessels, transportable pressure vessels, gas cylinders and medical oxygen cabins.

For pressure vessels the minimum pressure for certification is also 0.1MPa, but the requirements for volume and working temperature differ from category to category.

Safety appurtenances and instruments also require certification, depending on the product category they belong to. That includes safety valves, bursting discs, other valves and different instruments. In general safety appurtenances of SELO-Compulsory boilers and pressure vessels also require certification.

You can find more information in our free booklet: SELO-License (China Manufacturer License) for Pressure Vessels

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