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SELO-Certification Process

The process for obtaining the SELO-License (also called China Manufacturer License or Pressure Vessel License) is complex and usually takes about 8 months. There may be small deviations for specific products, but in general the following steps have to be taken:

  1. SELO-Check
  2. Classification
  3. Application
  4. Type tests
  5. Design approval
  6. Factory audit
  7. Issuing of license

The first step is checking the SELO licensing obligation of the product and which parts might require certification.

In the second step the product is assigned to the respective product category. That is important for the application, because the factory will be issued a manufacturer license for this product category after successful application.

For the application a wide range of documents has to be submitted. One of those is a special quality manual that has to be drafted in accordance with the Chinese regulations specified in the TSG Z0004.

For certain components such as safety valves, bursting discs, gas cylinders and others, type tests are necessary.

Furthermore, for boilers and gas cylinders an application for design approval has to be made. For this application further documents such as technical drawings and sketches have to be supplied and approved by the responsible authority.

During a SELO factory audit, the on site conditions are inspected. A big focus is put on whether the previously submitted quality manual is observed.

At the end of the process, the license is issued. After receiving the license, the manufacturer can produce products for the Chinese market and distribute them there.

You can find more information in our free booklet: SELO-License (China Manufacturer License) for Pressure Vessels

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