SELO License (China Manufacturer License) for pressure components and vessels - ECCS

SELO Audit

As part the SELO-Certification Process (also known as China Manufacturer License) the factory of the applicant is subjected to a SELO Audit. In the course of that the on-site conditions are inspected and the producer’s ability to ensure the quality and safety of his products as well as their conformity to SELO-Regulations is ascertained. The audit lasts several days and is conducted by Chinese inspectors.

Among others the following is checked:

  1. General conditions during production
  2. Production technologies
  3. Quality management system

Special attention is paid to the observance of the SELO Quality Manual that has been handed in beforehand and is drafted in compliance with the Chinese regulation TSG Z0004. This way long-term adherence to the relevant standards shall be ensured as well as the effective operation of procedures for finding and handling errors. At the time of the factory inspection products intended for the Chinese market should be present.

You can find further information regarding the SELO Audit in our free booklet: SELO-License (China Manufacturer License) for Pressure Products or you can contact us in case of questions regarding the SELO-License.

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