China Manufacturer License (SELO License) for lifting appliances

For the China Manufacturer License (also called SELO License), lifting appliances are classified into twelve categories:

    1. Minor lifting equipment
    2. Swing arm crane
    3. Bridge crane
    4. Gantry crane
    5. Tower cranes
    6. Mobile crane
    7. Railway cranes
    8. Portal crane
    9. Mast crane
    10. Cable cranes
    11. Cage-lifter
    12. Mechanical parking equipment

It’s also important to note that, not only for the items mentioned above, the licens for affiliated safety accessories and safety protection devices are required.

Procedure to obtain a China Manufacturer Licence

In order to obtain a manufacturer licence, it is important to observe the following steps:

(1) Clarifying which classes your products belong to:
Depending on the types of lifting appliance, they are divided into three classes, which are A, B and C level. The lifting appliances, which are classified under B and C level, are in the charge of Local AQSIQ, and under A level, are in the charge of National AQSIQ. Each level has different requirements on the registered capital, the personnel capability, the plant area, the production condition, etc.

(2) Application:
For the application, a series of documents must be submitted such as a detailed product description, data sheets, technical drawings and other design documents.
If a consulting firm is used, the authorization documents should also be included. The documents have to be accompanied by an application form that needs to be carefully filled out. If the application material is incomplete or misrepresentative, the application will not be accepted.

(3) Type Test:
For the mass production of the lifting appliance, the type test shall be conducted in the laboratory. For a single batch production, which can’t be done in the laboratory, the type test will be carried out on site.
The inspectors will check, for example, if the design of the sample is consistent with the submitted documents or if self-test record is all in readiness. The applicant should be responsible for the authenticity of the provided documents. If any illegal act, such as submitting the false sample or false material, has been found out, the inspectors will stop the test immediately and report to the local authorities concerned.

(4) Receiving the licence:
A first application for a licence takes at least five months. If applicants are not familiar with the regulations, it may take longer to run the entire process. After all due costs for assessment and evaluation are paid, SELO will send the licence to the manufacturer.

Responsible authorities for China Manufacturer Licence

(1) SELO – Special Equipment Licensing Office
SELO is responsible for accepting the application documents as well as to reports and to verify this. Afterwards these documents are forwarded to the AQSIQ. In addition, the SELO organizes issuing and sending of licences.

(2) SESA – Special Equipment Safety Administration Bureau
SESA reviews and approves the audit report

(3) CSEI – China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute
CSEI examines and appraises the application materials. Afterwards the applicant organizes an audit for the CSEI inspectors

(4) AQSIQ – China Quality Certification Centre
AQSIQ issues the Manufacture Licence.

China Manufacturer Licence (SELO) for lifting appliances

In order to export lifting appliances to China, a special China Manufacturer Licence is required. The applicant must prove that the lifting appliances are produces according to Chinese safety regulations. Not only for the production, but the following installation, alteration and maintenance also require the licence and will be supervised by the National or Local Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ).

As the unified window on behalf of AQSIQ, SELO is responsible for receiving, arranging and transmitting application documents & audit reports to AQSIQ, establishing licensing data base, printing and mailing licences, and harmonizing manufacturer surveys for the special equipment licensing.

Your Licence Partner

ECCS supports European companies in selling their products in the Chinese market.
As neutral and independent service provider, we support you in the process for obtaining the China Manufacturer Licence:

  • Assessment of obligation for licence (SELO-Obligation)
  • Submitting application documents
  • Organization of type testing
  • Planning, conducting and translation of factory inspection
  • Change of existing licences
  • Renewal and recertification of licence
  • Preparation of quality manual
  • Translation of TSG Z00004-2007

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