China Hygiene License for drinking water equipment

When companies export drinking water products to China or produce them in China, a China Hygiene License is required. This also applies to products in which only individual components come into contact with drinking water.

Products with China Hygiene License

The obligation for the China Hygiene License applies, among others, to the following products:

  • Chemical treatment agent
  • New materials and new chemical substances in contact with drinking water
  • Protective materials
  • Water Distribution Equipment
  • Water filters
  • Water treatment devices
  •  Water treatment materials

 Requirements for China Hygiene License

Non-Chinese companies who wish to export their drinking water products or their drinking water equipment to China must either have a business license for the China hygiene license or must register their products with a Chinese agent who is also responsible for its sale in China.

The entire licensing process must then be completed.

Responsible Chinese authorities

In 2014, China reformed the regulation of disinfection products and products related to drinking water. Only the products containing new materials or adopting new technology are required to register with National Health and Family Planning Commission of People’s Republic of China (NHFPC).

As for other products that do not contain new materials or adopting new technology, you need to register with the government of provincial level (NHFPC local Bureau).

Application process for the China Hygiene License

For completing the licensing process, the following steps should be performed:

  1. Testing for production capacity
  2. Inspection Report
  3. License application for drinking water products
  4. Technical check
  5. Issuance of China Hygiene License

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China Hygiene license for drinking water equipment

China Hygiene License