Changes in ECC for Motorcycles

The CQC has made changes to the regulations of Energy Conservation Certification for motorcycles. The regulations now also include electric motorcycles. The following changes were made:

In the CQC3151-2015: Energy Conservation Certification Criteria for Motorcycle mainly the following points were changed:

  1. Electric motorcycles are included in the scope now and the GB/T 24157-2009 Electric motorcycles and electric mopeds. Energy consumption and range. Test procedures was added to the voluntary standards.
  2. Under point 4.2 the requirements for energy conservation evaluation of electric motorcycles were added.
  3. Energy conservation evaluation items and test methods for electric motorcycles were added.

In the CQC31-499111-2015: Energy Conservation Certification Rules for Motorcycles the changes are as follows:

  1. Electric motorcycles are included in the scope now.
  2. The requirements for electric Motorcycles were added to the unit partitioning requirements.
  3. Point 4.4.3 was added with the requirements for energy conservation evaluation for electric vehicles.
  4. The product description was adjusted.
  5. In addition the following were added: Certification responsibility, technical disputes and appeals.

Starting from the publication of the changes on August 14th 2017, the CQC accepts applications according to the new regulations.

The Energy Conservation Certification (ECC) is a voluntary certification that can be obtained as an extension to a CCC-Certification. The responsible authorities are the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC), the China Committee for Certification of Energy Conservation Product (CCEC) as well as the China Certification Centre for Energy Conservation Product (CECP). The purpose of the certification is to save energy and lower emissions by encouraging companies to produce more energy efficient products. Through the marking with the corresponding label, consumers can consciously decide to buy more environment friendly products. Among other documents, a copy of the already obtained CCC-Certificate has to be submitted.

If you have any questions regarding Energy Conservation Certification or other certification for the Chinese market, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.


Changes in ECC for Motorcycles

Changes in ECC for Motorcycles