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Obtain the CEL-Certification for your products. Avoid export difficulties with the China Energy Label.

The China Energy Label (CEL) provides information on energy efficiency, and it is required for various products, such as household appliances, motors and air conditioners. According to the standards for the CEL-Certification, products are classified into categories of energy consumption 1-5. When a CEL is required, exporting in to China is only allowed with a valid label.

To obtain a China Energy Label, companies have to go through the following certification processes:

  1. Assessment of CEL-Obligation
  2. Number of needed labels
  3. Application at the China Energy Label Center (CELC)
  4. Type tests with products
  5. Correct issuance of labels
  6. Application of mark permission
  7. Registration of CEL in the CELC

We support you in your CEL-Certification, specifically tailored to your needs:

  • Workshops for CEL-Certification
  • Implementation of the CEL-Certification
  • Translation of Chinese CEL-Standards into German, English or French
  • Organisation of the CEL Type Tests
  • Calculation of CEL-Costs

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