CCCF Certification for Fire Protection Products and Vehicles

Fire protection products and fire trucks / fire fighting vehicles require a CCCF Certification for the Chinese market. This is a special version of CCC Certification (China Compulsory Certification).

Fire protection products that require CCCF Certification include:

  • Components and equipment for fire engines
  • Components for fire trucks
  • Door closer for fire protection
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Fire protection clothing
  • Fire protection doors
  • Fire alarm products
  • Fire hydrants
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire extinguisher hoses
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Window closers for fire protection

Process of CCCF Certification

Similar to the CCC Certification for automotive components and electrical components, CCCF Certification should be scheduled for 5 months. The certification process includes the following steps:

  1. Number of needed CCCF-Certificates for different products
  2.  Application at the China Certification Center for Fire Products
  3. Product tests in an accredited test lab
  4.  CCCF-Audit with Chinese auditors
  5. Request for correct marking
  6. Registration with the CCCF management system

Regulations for the CCCF certification

Depending on the certifying product, a GB standard and an Implementation Rule apply to each product group. In doing so, the GB Standard determines the necessary product tests and the implementation rule determines the certification framework.

Examples of GB Standards in the CCCF area are the following standards:

  • GA7-2004 Protective gloves for firefighters
  • GA10-2014 Fireman, s protective clothing for firefighting
  • GA39 Fire fighting vehicles -Performance requirements and test methods
  • GA44-2015 Helmets for firemen
  • GA634-2015 Adiabatic protective clothing for firefighter
  • GB 16806 Automatic control system for fire protection
  • GB7956.1 Fire fighting vehicles. Part 1: General technical specifications
  • GB7956.2 Fire fighting vehicles. Part 2: Water tank fire fighting vehicle
  • GB7956.3 Fire fighting vehicles. Part 3: Foam fire fighting vehicle
  • GB7956.6 Fire fighting vehicles. Part 6: Compressed air foam system fire fighting vehicle
  • GB7956.12 Fire fighting vehicles. Part 12: Aerial fire fighting vehicle
  • GB7956.14 Fire fighting vehicles. Part 14: Rescue fire fighting vehicle

Examples of implementation rules in the CCCF area are the following standards:

  • CNCA-C18-04:2014 China Compulsory Certification Implementation Rules – Fire equipment products
  • CCCF-XFZB-01 China Compulsory Certification Implementation Rules – Fire protective clothing and fire protection equipment

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