CCC Regulations regarding Helmets for Motorcycles

The Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) is currently working on Implementation Rules regarding Helmets for Motorcyclists. A preliminary version on the basis of GB 811: Helmets for Motorcyclists is already available. The final version is expected to be published within this year.

According to the preliminary document, the Implementation Rules apply to Helmets for Motorcyclists (this includes driver and passenger of motorcycles).

In case of changes in laws and regulations or factors concerning the product, like standards, technologies or industrial politics and related modifications, the announcements of the CNCA apply.

The preliminary Implementation Rules comprise the following content:

  1. Scope
  2. GB Standards
  3. Certification Model
  4. Differentiation of Units for Certification
  5. Application
  6. Certification Procedure
  7. Inspection after Issuance of Certification
  8. Certificate
  9. CCC-Mark
  10. Charge
  11. Responsibility for Certification
  12. Other Regulations


  1. Product Description of Helmet for Motorcyclists
  2. Production Requirements

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CCC Regulations regarding Helmets for Motorcycles

CCC Regulations regarding Helmets for Motorcycles