CCC Permission of Printing no longer needed

According to the “Notification of the State Certification and Accreditation Administration on Reforming the Compulsory Certification Mark of Products” Permission of Printing will be no longer needed for CCC-Certificates. Instead, the certified companies shall print or mold the CCC mark by themselves.

Change of regulation

The use of the CCC mark shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the “Administrative Requirements for Mandatory Product Certification Marks”.

Starting May 1, 2018, the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) undertakes the issuance of the standard CCC logo. The charging standards for the standard-size CCC mark shall be implemented in accordance with the “Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission on Releasing Part of the Inspection and Inspection Service Charges” and the purchase method shall be notified separately.

The standard printed CCC mark must be applied to the outer surface of the certified product. For printed/molded CCC marks, the CCC mark shall be printed and stamped on the nameplate or in the apparent position of the product’s outer body.

There is also the possibility for products such as wire and cable products as well as motor vehicle brake hoses to print or mold the mark in a special style according to the current regulations.

Permission of Printing

In the past, the Permission of Printing was valid for 5 years according to the validity of the respective CCC-Certificate. The Permission of Printing was especially suitable for companies which did not use product labels. Because of the respective Permission of Printing, companies can use methods like welding or molding for the CCC-logo.

Furthermore, if another size than the regular sizes was used, a printing permission should be applied for. In case of a successful application the company received Permission of Printing and was allowed to attach the CCC-logo in the stated size on the product.


CCC Permission of Printing no longer needed

CCC Permission of Printing no longer needed