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Build up the know-how in your company within one-day. Train all in involved employees in a single workshop.

In case you would like to conduct certifications by yourself, or repeatedly face various issues when exporting, a workshop for all concerned employees at your facility on-site might prove helpful:

CCC Spare PartsCCC-CertificationCustoms Clearance

Spare parts for machines and other products often require a China Compulsory Certification (CCC-Certification) for the Chinese market. This is especially due for cables, plugs, motors and lights – products that are frequently detained in Chinese customs without CCC-Certificates.

With our workshops, we ensure transparency in regards to certification procedures, customs clearing in China, as well as aspects which are important for customs authorities. Additionally, we clarify essential questions concerning certification obligations and supplier management.

Ambiguity regarding single steps and details in the self-conducted CCC-Certification often result in failed certifications. Furthermore, it is often tough for companies to know which certification authority is most suitable and which standard applies for the products.

In our workshops, your employees learn how to complete the CCC-Certification independently. Based on various examples, we explain every single certification step with its respective typical mistakes and handy tips how to avoid them. Gladly, we support you in accomplishing the certification and communicating with Chinese authorities, too.

For exporting goods to China, many regulations must be taken into account and, additionally, necessary licenses and certifications should be checked. Cooperation with customs agents might also be complicated. In general, customs topics might develop to a time-intensive subject.

We discuss with you and your employees all essential topics in a single workshop. Thereby, we elaborate – among others – certifications, licenses and exemption permissions. Additionally, we explain common difficulties and consult you in handling these difficulties.

Send us a request to a workshop or an e-mail with your topic, we may support you with. We will contact you directly and consult you regarding possible workshop contents and workshop dates. Subsequently, we will send you a non-binding quote.

For the workshop, we gladly visit you at your facility on-site, and will remain available for questions even after the workshops.

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