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GB Standards

Translations of the Chinese GB-Standards for CCC-Certification and CQC-Certification into English, German and French.

GB-Standards define the extent, procedure and necessary result of product tests for CCC-Certification (China Compulsory Certification) and CQC-Certification. For every product group where CCC-Certification is obligatory, there is a GB-Standard. It is comprised of a numerical sequence and the year of release – for example GB8410-2006 for Flammability of Automotive Interior Materials. GB-Standards for the voluntary CQC-Certification contain an additional T in their name – for instance GB/T 5359.1-2008 for Motorcycles and Mopeds.

We offer translations of GB-Standards for your CCC-Certification and CQC-Certification so you can successfully certify your products. We translate from Chinese into German, English and French.

Our translators are exclusively native speakers with long and intensive experience with Chinese standards and their particularities. Our translators possess professional expertise and know-how, so you can delegate translations of any kind of standards to us. We complete this task quickly, competently and for a fair price.



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