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Win Chinese customers and convince them with the voluntary CQC quality-seal. Simultaneously, smooth your export process via eased customs clearance.

The CQC-Certificate is well-known quality-seal, recognized by many customers and customs officials alike. Companies, that would like to certify their products, but are not eligible for the CCC-Certificate (China Compulsory Certificate), can do so via the voluntary CQC-Certification of the Chinese authority CQC (China Quality Certification Centre). While adding an additional quality signal to your products, the CQC-Certificate further eases the export process.

Often, products – that resemble products requiring a CCC-Certificate – are detained in Chinese customs with the request for a CCC-Certificate. In these cases, the affected companies have only minor chance to export their products to China. With a CQC-Certificate these issues are usually resolved, since the CQC-Certifications show compliance with Chinese regulations.

For a smooth self-done CQC-Certification, you need all information about the following certification steps:

  1. Determine number of needed CQC-Certificates
  2. Application at the Chinese Authority CQC (China Quality Certification Centre)
  3. Type tests with test reports in Chinese
  4. CQC-Audit with Chinese inspectors
  5. Correct issuance of CQC-Certificate
  6. Application of printing permission
  7. Application and conduct of CQC Follow-Up Certification

In case of an incorrect CQC-certification, products might be detained in customs despite of a CQC-Certificate, hence, we support you with:

  • Workshops for CQC-Certification with support in the certification process afterwards
  • Cost-effective consulting and information on CQC-Certification
  • Translation of Chinese CQC-Standards (GB-Standards and Implementation Rules) and test reports
  • Comprehensive preparation for CQC-Audit
  • Simultaneous translation during CQC-Audit
  • Calculation of CQC-Certification Costs and analysis of CQC Market Potential
  • Consulting on protecting IP during CQC-Certification process


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