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CCC Spare Parts

Export all spare parts without problem to China. Simplify your export process and reduce expenditure and costs.

Although some machines do not need a China Compulsory Certification (CCC-Certification) for the Chinese market, many spare parts for machines require a CCC-Certificate. Purchased parts, such as many cable types, plugs, switches lights and relays without a CCC-Certificate are often detained in Chinese custom and cannot be imported into China. Angry customers, loss of delivery and revenue delay are the results.

That is why it is important to know what has to be considered for every delivery to China. Which spare parts need a CCC-Certification? Which suppliers are certified? How can customs issues be avoided? This know-how is not only necessary for the purchasing department but also for all departments involved in customer projects.

For this reason, we inform all involved departments directly at your company and support you subsequently in exports of spare parts to China by:

  • Workshops for CCC Spare Parts with subsequent support
  • Cost-effective consulting and information on management of CCC Spare Parts
  • Translation of Chinese CCC-Standards (GB-Standards and Implementation Rules) and test reports
  • Illustration of export process of CCC Spare Parts to China
  • Analysis of CCC Market Potential
  • Research for certified suppliers


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