ECCS - CCC Zertifikate China

CCC Negative Certificate

Get your products analysed regarding a CCC-Obligation. Show that your products do not require a CCC-Certificate with a Negative Certificate or an official rejection letter.

Often customers demand a China Compulsory Certificate (CCC-Certificate) for products exported to China. However, not every product requires a CCC-Certification (-> CCC Product Catalogue) and sometimes CCC-Certificates are demanded wrongfully.

However, for both European and Chinese companies, it often remains unclear if a specific product requires a CCC-Certificate. If a delivery is detained at Chinese customs with the request for a CCC-Certificate, it is often too late leading to significant complications for both the exporter and the importer alike.

If no CCC-Certificates are needed, a CCC Negative Certificate or official rejection letter may show your customers that these products do not need to get certified. This Negative Certificate contains all product details and the reason why no CCC-Certificate is required.


CCC-Negativ Certificate an official rejection letter


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