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CCC Exemptions

Get information which products need a CCC-Certificate and which products are CCC-Exemptions and, thus, do not require a CCC-Certification.

Because products without a China Compulsory Certificate (CCC-Certificate) are often detained in Chinese customs, companies have to first clarify if the products fall under the CCC-Obligation (->CCC Product Catalogue). Even in case a CCC-Obligation exists, companies might still examine if a CCC-Exemption is possible.

A CCC-Exemption might only be granted if the products are not sold in China. In many cases these products must be exported out of China again. For this export mostly an evidence is demanded by Chinese authorities.

The CCC-Exemptions may apply to the following situations:

  1. Research and development products, e.g. for universities
  2. Intermediate products; the final product shall be exported out of china again and must not be sold in China.
  3. Exhibition objects, e.g. for fairs.
  4. Products used for quality assurance and quality checks in companies.
  5. Products imported into china for type tests in the CCC-Certification Process

Despite of an exemption case, Chinese customs might still detain products that are under the suspicion of not falling under any CCC-Exemption. Hence, every delivery should be checked in detail and labelled accordingly for avoiding issues.

A few years ago, it was still possible to export products in low volume without a CCC-Certification to China. This exemption is called Low Volume Exemption. However, this exemption has only be granted in few cases in the last years.

Another exemption that is seldom granted applies to production sites. While a few years ago an exemption for goods – for building a production site – was still possible, this is almost impossible as of now. In order to avoid delays in delivery, a CCC-Certification instead of a CCC-Exemption is recommendable.

For preventing issues with CCC-Exemption, we support you with exports to China by:

  • Examine possibility of CCC-Exemption
  • Issuance of CCC Negative Certificate for products without CCC-Obligation
  • Translation of Chinese CCC-Standards (GB-Standards and Implementation Rules) as well as CCC Test Reports
  • Consulting and support in the CCC-Certification
  • Preparation and translation in CCC-Audits


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