ECCS-CCC Certification, China Certification, China Certificate, 3C Certificate, China Compulsory Certification- Support for China Certification


Minimize the time needed in the certification process. Get support for your CCC-Certification from our specialized consultants.

In the process of a China Compulsory Certification (CCC-Certification) many barriers may occur for a company. Which certification authority is best for your products? Which products might be certified together? Which core components have to be provided for the application documents? What are the complete CCC Certification Costs?

We support you with our Collaborative CCC-Certification or Outsourced CCC-Certification in the complete certification process:

  1. Assessment of CCC-Obligation
  2. Number of needed CCC-Certificates for different products
  3. Application at the Chinese CCC Certification Authority
  4. Type tests with test reports in Chinese
  5. CCC-Audit with Chinese inspectors
  6. Correct issuance of CCC-Certificate
  7. Application of printing permission or CCC-Logo (certification mark)
  8. Application and conduct of CCC Follow-Up Certification




Collaborative CCC-Certification
Outsourced CCC-Certification


We support and accompany you in your CCC-Certification process by:

  • Workshops for CCC-Certification
  • Consulting in the certification process
  • Translation of Chinese CCC-Standards and test reports
  • Comprehensive preparation for CCC-Audit
  • Simultaneous translation during CCC-Audit
  • Calculation of CCC-Certification Costs and analysis of CCC Market Potential
  • Consulting on protecting IP during CCC-Certification process

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