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Taiwan Certificate

Get automotive and automotive components certified for Taiwan. Avoid export issues with a Taiwan certificate of the VSCC.

If you wish to import vehicles or components for the manufacture of vehicles into Taiwan, you will require a certificate issues by the Vehicle Safety Certification Center (VSCC) in Taiwan. In order to receive a certification from VSCC in Taiwan as a foreign manufacturer, the first requirement is to have local representation in Taiwan. This may be s subsidiary or a branch. While filing the application you have to fill in several forms that have to be submitted to VSCC along with several required documents. These will be examined and once the application is approved the following step of the certification process is a test that will be performed in an accredited test lab in compliance with the standard test procedures.

After tests are completed and automotive components are certified for export to Taiwan, these have to be marked in a special way. These markings are called “Certification Approval Label” and need to follow certain guidelines. There are some components that are exempt from the labeling duty. For avoiding customs issues, the marking process should be discussed with the authority in charge prior to sending the products.

For further information regarding the certification process, you might also download our booklet VSCC Taiwan Certificate.

We support and accompany you in the Taiwan Certification process by:

  • Workshops for VSCC Taiwan Certification
  • Conducting the certification
  • Determing correct marking of components
  • Translation of Taiwanese Standards and test reports
  • Comprehensive preparation for Tests und COP Verification
  • Calculation of Certification Costs

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