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Export your products without problems to China. Save costs and gain European and Chinese clients with CCC certified products.

For many products that are sold in China, a China Compulsory Certification (CCC-Certification) is required. Without a respective CCC-Certificate these products are detained in Chinese customs. Products, that are already delivered, are sent back by customs in most cases. This leads to delivery delay, revenue postponement and high costs.

In advance of every delivery to China, it should be clarified, if a CCC-Certificate is needed and how high the CCC-Certification costs are. Only then it is possible to determine if it is profitable to sell a product to China. This is not only necessary for your product but also for spare parts.

As a consequence of regular updates of Chinese Standards, companies should examine several times a year if products have been added to the CCC Product Catalogue and if the regulations for automotive parts and non-automotive parts have been changed. Especially interior trimming parts are often affected by changes.

Certification options and process

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