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CCC-Analysis China

Determine the expenditure of your CCC-Certification. Measure the CCC-Certification costs with your market potential in China.

The CCC-Certification (China Compulsory Certification) enables you to sell products in the Chinese market that need a CCC-Certificate. However, the CCC-Certification is linked to high costs. To determine if the investment for the CCC-Certification pays off, all costs should be identified and compared with the respective market potential.

In our CCC-Analysis, we calculate your costs for the CCC-Certification and check the market potential of your products in China. In addition, we clarify further questions: did the Certification paid off for your European competitors? What are potential barriers for you in China? Which CCC-Standards (GB-Standards, Implementation Rules) are relevant for you? We discuss with you the project objects and prepare an individual CCC-Analysis. This includes:

  • Structured classification of CCC certified competitors
  • Overview of all relevant CCC-Standards
  • Comprehensive profiles of CCC certified competitors
  • Detailed CCC-Cost-Benefit-Analysis
  • Targeted market analysis and market potential

Publikation CCC-Zertifizierung

Das CCC-Informationsheft beinhaltet alle wichtigen Informationen zum Prozess der CCC-Zertifizierung, den Kosten und den zuständige Zertifizierungsbehörden.

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