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We translate for your success, ensuring smooth communications throughout your projects. Benefit from true expertise at fair prices.

In international business, you will most definitely find yourself at times in a situation, where you may be in need of a reliable and competent translator – a translator that not only understands words, grammar and cultural meaning, but also understands the specific expert vocabulary of the subject at hand.  In this case, our experienced team is best placed to support you!

Over the course of years of experience in international audits, our translators have proven their in depth expertise, ensuring smooth and sound communication based on true cultural and content expertise across CCC Audits as well as  audits of license for pressure vessel (China Manufacturer Licence). In this context, our translators consistently supported in both written communication  – including translations of applicable GB Standards and Implementation Rules – as well as facilitating verbal interaction.

  • Top quality translations, both in written and verbal communication
  • In-depth expertise of the subject at hand, with full knowledge of the technical jargon
  • Translations from Chinese to German, English, French – and vice versa




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