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China Manufacturer Licence

We offer direct support for China Manuafcturer Licence (SELO License) of pressure components

China Manufacturer Licence


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About Us

ECCS supports European companies in selling their products on the Chinese market. We are an owner-managed company with consultants, interpreters and a broad partner network.

  • Do you want to certify your products without problems?
  • Outsource your CCC-Certification or insource your CCC-Certification?
  • Protect your intellectual property in your certification?
  • Or built up know-how in your company?

About ECCS


For avoiding problems at Chinese customs and, thereby, preventing delays of delivery, companies should get all information regarding the CCC Certification process.

The CCC information booklet addresses the following topics:

  • Certification Obligation of Products
  • Process of the CCC Certification
  • CCC Certification Costs
  • Responsible Certification Authorities
  • Protection of Intellectual Property in the Certification
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